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JD Ellison is a creative and brand consultant with over 10 years of experience in the creative field. Throughout his career, he has worked with brands such as East Fork, Wicked Weed, Cotton Incorporated, HGTV, The TLC Network. As a brand consultant, JD is known for his intersectional approach to branding and storytelling and has consulted over 300 brands (nationally and internationally) on “anti-racist marketing” including - Garden & Gun, Solar Energy International, The City of Asheville, FMG Suite, Bryr Clogs and more. Previously, JD worked exclusively in the fashion industry where we acted as a stylist, publicist, and sales account manager. It was here, working with the likes of Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Century 21, Angela Simmons, Calvin Klein and more,  where he credits his development of “soft skills” and where he learned the value of branding and the importance of perception.


Throughout his career, JD has worked with politicians, city governments, hospitality businesses, and consumer products and has always approached the conversation the same way. With the notion that your audience will define you with or without your permission, and that it is the principal's job to respect and maneuver the audience matrix, not the other way around. Through his work, he has also evolved into a writer and producer, servings as an art/creative director on commercial projects and publishing his poems, prose, and essay through his own channels and as a contributor to multiple media outlets. JD is known for his Southern charm, his storytelling, and his ability to synthesize complexities and nuance into an approachable conversation. He enjoys good food, great wine, and Aretha Franklin records.

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