6 Cult Fitness Brands Offering Free Work Outs

Being forced to stay in means that your workouts are either about to start or about to end. If you’re like us, your fitness motivation stems from celebrity and a pact-like mentality. So when we found out that some of our favorite fitness brands endorsed by every celebrity and Instagram-hottie on the planet were offering free classes, we couldn’t keep the info to ourselves! Don’t let Miss Rona ruin the summer body you started thinking about March 1st! Check out these cult brands who are getting you together on a budget. PELOTON: The at home bike your boyfriend doesn’t want filling up your living and draining your bank account is also releasing thousands of exercise and meditation classes on it’s app. They’ve also got running coaching - while we’re still allowed - outside. Peloton recently extended their 30-day free trial to a crazy 90-days (as long as you sign up before April 30th). After the trial period the cost is 12.99 but let's be real we’re all hoping to be back at the real gym by them so go crazy!

SOULCYCLE: None of can get to the iconic spinroom at our local SoulCycle but thankfully our fearless leaders are offering free workouts on their individual Instagram accounts. Get all the details here. NIKE TRAINING CLUB: You’ve got to love when big business gives back, bigly. American athletics icon, Nike, just WAIVED their monthly fee for the foreseeable future. Sign-up for the 150+ work outs which include yoga and cardio and last for AT LEAST 15 minutes. Put on something with a check and download the app immediately. PLANET FITNESS: Cheap is cute but FREE is better. Your budget-friendly neighbor is offering “Home Work-Ins”on their Facebook page. You don’t have to be a member to watch and engage. Just stay the fuck home.

BARRY’S BOOTCAMP: The Instagram hottie go-to is letting your sweat for 20-minutes totally free. Log on to their instagram and view their stories for their signature strength-training and cardio. Also before you start dogging them for putting it on their stories, their offering 3 sessions PER DAY. Log on, sweat, GET BIG. BARRE3: You KNOW you want to be a ballerina and so do they. Which is exactly why BARRE3 is offering 15 days of free unlimited classes and 10% off all props - if you want to take it up a notch. Once you fall in love (which you will) the cost is only $29/month. Bring the ballet studio into your home with unlimited classes in strength conditioning, cardio and mindfulness that aim to restore balance to your body. Ugh, let’s all be graceful together. You're welcome.