A SKINCARE CONTOUR: Your Skin But Actually

At this point, a contoured face is a necessary skill in the arsenal of a makeup wearer. It's almost become a standard look, something to expect. But what about the men and women who want a good "beat" but aren't into makeup?  Or those days when you want to give your skin a break but aren't ready to go completely bare.

We spent a little time trying to pinpoint exactly what makes a contour a contour and apparently it's quite simple. Supposedly, the idea is to bring out and enhance natural features. The internet says that the trick is highlighting certain areas, creating depth in others with shadow and then ensuring you don't look like Trixie Mattel at the end of it.

So let's go step-by-step and for each makeup product, we're going to share a skincare alternative. This won't necessarily work right away as make-up does but there's something to be said for the lasting effect.  First things first, since you won't be using blurring primers and foundations you'll definitely need to use a revitalizing face routine. As a general rule, Bobbi Brown is KEY when it comes to skincare that acts like make-up.

FOUNDATION Use the Bobbi Brown face tonic to freshen, smooth and prep. Next, apply a layer of the Extra Repair Moisturizing Skin Balm which is going to deliver a firm and cushioned complexion. (So she says) CONCEALER Everywhere you normally use concealer to hide discoloration and lines (under eyes, smile lines, etc.) replace with a cocktail of line-reducing and hydration/color-correcting serums.

HIGHLIGHT Rather than dipping your body in glitter, cover your typical highlight areas (cheekbones, facial t-lines, etc) with a radiance-boosting oil. CONTOUR

This is really just for sport. There just aren't many oils that are going to "push-back" on your flaws like an actual contour. However, using a Vitamin-E based oil for skin tightening and correction will life and tighten the area under your "highlight area".  And there you have it! Taken with a grain of salt, this approach at the very least is going to hydrate the hell out of your skin and for those make - up - free people, this is definitely going to give you a healthy glow your skin isn't used to. For those of you who typically wear a full-face, you might be disappointed because in the war between less and more, more always wins.