Get Over It. Let Go. Move On.

You’ve recently decided to split with your spouse. It was horrible, they were terrible to you, yada yada so you finally ended it. Soo, what now? You’ve been so wrapped up in your relationship and your joint life with someone else for so long now, what do you do once that ends? The answer is, you LIVE.

It’s easy to get sucked into the back and forth of breakups and getting back together. If you’ve decided that you are done, be done. I’m sure it was for good reason. Anyone who treats you less than you deserve is a scrub. TLC told us we didn’t want those.

Get out into the world and do new things. This may be a time to learn about yourself. Learning what you like, love, and enjoy. This may mean a true fresh start. Honey pack up your shit and relocate to Seattle or Washington D.C. or wherever your heart desires. Start the career you always wanted, take time off to travel. This is a time for self-celebration and refocusing.

SO since you’re bound to need support as you leave your fuckboi behind, here are 5 tips to keep you grounded: 5 Steps to Moving On:

  1. Process and accept what has happened. Don’t avoid this part. Denial is not cute. Cry, scream, whatever. Deal with what happened. Bag lady, you cannot carry this baggage with you

  2. Forgive them. I don’t mean you have to be friends, or even voice this to them. But you have to forgive within your heart. You have to let that hurt go in order to move past it. Also, forgive yourself.

  3. Separate yourself. Block them. Seriously, all pettiness aside, if this is what you need to do in order to be at peace, do it. If you do want to be friends, not now. Give yourself time first.

  4. Reconnect with yourself. Start doing new things, or things you like that you didn’t do often. Get excited, enjoy yourself. Find what truly makes you happy.

  5. Take your time. There is no rule book that says when you should be over someone or when you should be in your next relationship. Go your own pace. Healing takes time. However long it takes you is completely fine.