HOT TAKE: Old People Were Right

I just checked my bank statement. And besides the fact that I’m remembering how much those new shoes cost… I also realized how much money I spend on being informed, entertained and a millennial. Hulu – $11.99 / month

Netflix – $8.99 / month

Tinder – $9.99 / month (don’t @ me)

Gym  - $50/ month

Starbucks - $7.64/ daily Uber – way too much $$$

Scentbird – $14.99/ month

New York Times – $14.99/ month HBO Go –  $15/ month

Cellphone + Ipad  - $160/ month

A quick glance at my financials show that I spend a lot of money on convenience. Is this why I don’t own my apartment? Or is it because I’m 25, single. and own my business and therefore can’t afford to put down 20% on an apartment that could fit my friends, my shoes, and me.  Seriously. If I had $200,000 to put on a space that I’d never be in, I promise you I’d own a beach house somewhere. But until then, I’ll keep overpaying Airbnb, crashing in my parents spare room and blaming Gen X for all of my problems. Too much? But, also… are they right? Is the reason millennial homeownership is so low because we buy too much avocado toast and watch too much tv? Or are we right? That the previous generations left us high and dry, drowning in regret without nothing to pull us up but Sallie Mae and her bootstrap determination to get paid. But also….they didn’t have Netflix. So they don’t get it. Like, are we supposed to remain culturally ignorant because they want us to buy a house? Why don’t they buy us a house? I love avocado toast. And I need Starbucks coffees every morning because my Keurig is always on the fritz. But mainly, *sigh* I do everything right. I went to college. I got a job. I’m pursuing my passion and I call my mother every single day. So if me owning my own home is just as important as all the other things the world requires of me, then I reckon I’ll need to marry up or win the lottery. Because Barney’s Warehouse is having a sale, Netflix just released a whole bunch of scary movies, and it’s my turn to host brunch.