My Obsession w/ The Perfect Bite

Published February 13, 2022

Food for me is almost a religious experience. From the place settings at the table and the wine selections, to the preparations and the outfits, everything is important and there are most certainly rules of engagement. First and foremost, that it must be delicious. I am not a person who enjoys interesting meals and new experiences. When it comes to a dinner party, each course needs to build to a certain level of satisfaction that culminates into utter pleasure and at times, decadence. How do you do this?

Wine, obviously.

Multiple courses.

Temperature control…

.. and the perfect bite.

Yes. The perfect bite. The stack of food and accoutrements that allow for you to experience the best parts of a dish at once.

A salvo of flavor.

A spoonful of delight.

The food network chefs and Samin Nosrat will tell you that the perfect bite is a blend of Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat but I’m not that sophisticated. In my mind, the perfect bite combines 3 things and read like a wedding ritual:

Something crunchy. Some form of juice. And something to cut through it all.

Sometimes it’s a snack like Caviar, chips, and crème fraîche. Other times, it’s a whole meal - duck confit with a reduction. The perfect bite is almost like that ugly-sweet guy you dated in high school. You’ll know it’s right once it’s gone, and you'll miss it. Have you ever had potatoes chips and creme fraîche by itself? No me gusta. But the salty caviar adds the perfect balance. Also, cooking meat in a sea of fat may produce some of the crispiest skin, but without something to cut through all that fat, it ends up being way more rich than it is delicious. Now, add a spicy glaze or an acidic reduction and it’s a whole new world.

The pursuit of the perfect bite is lifelong and key to elevating your next course. Below are a few recipes that'll bring you many perfect bites and even more joy. Maybe one day, I’ll even share some of my own.