Personal scent is … personal. But it’s also scientific. People who go around buying every celebrity perfume from their local Macy’s store are not only bold, they’re stupid.

Your scent is like a business card. It announces your presence, it stays behind when you leave and it invites people in to learn more. Much like beauty, you can go natural, bold, or a mix of the two. No matter your style of scent, there a few simple questions you must ask yourself… 1. Do I want to be complimented on my smell or questioned on who I’m wearing? 2. Am I pleasant or intoxicating? 3. Masculine or Feminine? 4. Subtle or Bold?

If you desire to be complimented and intoxicating then you’re probably going to lean towards a more subtle scent. Natural notes like wood, tobacco and floral. Depending on where you stand on masculine vs. feminine, the combination will pick itself. This blend tends to be one that mixes with your natural scent. It’s enjoyable and light enough that people don’t necessarily notice it like they would a candle. This is an aroma rather than a scent. Something that layers well and that you could smell through the night or in a heat of passion and still think about the person, not the smell. If you desire to be questioned about your scent and pleasant, you’ll tend to be bolder. These smells are stronger and resemble more of a candle. Harder to layer because it’s easy to put on too much but when done correctly, equally as pleasant. Notes tend to be more oriental with heavy floral and fruit-based aromas.

Now that you know how to find what scent you are, here are some rules for how to shop: ALWAYS GO HIGH - Cheap perfumes, don’t last as long, don’t wear as well and always tend to be heavy no matter the “note”. GIVE IT A WEAR TEST - You never know how something smells on you until you put it on. So put it on. Give it a try. Make your choice. SPRAY YOUR SPOTS - It’s not just about your neck. You need to be hit all your bendy areas. Elbows, neck, behind the knees, a slight spray in your nether region. Don't question it.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Don’t buy too many smells at once. You want to develop a signature scent. At most, you could have alternatives for special occasions. Something bold for big events. Something soft for your nights out when you’re looking for a bae. Anything over 3 signature scents is just dramatic.

Don’t be extra. K bye.