March 26, 2018

Seen here with a classic, JAWBREAKING, dad cap.

Am I the only one convinced that the only way to prove you’re truly a style maven is by wearing one item of clothing everyday but in like.. different ways? Before anytime I see an item that is a multi-use product, I wanted to live in that one product until I run out of ways to use it. Am I being brainwashed or am I showing growth in my sartorial psyche? 

Can’t be sure. Anyways, here’s a fashion tip: THE BOYFRIEND SHIRT

The boyfriend shirt is quintessential at every point of your life. Over your tee at a chilly outdoor concert in high school, around your waist in college, on your walk of shame in your 20s, over your birthday suit at home in your 30’s and then ironically with your cigarette pants in your incredibly stylish 50s .

Paired here withthe JAWBREAKING Pizza Slut tee. 

The trick to rocking the boyfriend shirt at any age and for every occasion is to embrace the drape. It’s basically a big piece fabric and depending on who you are and where you going, you just need to know what you want and tell the shirt what to do.

 Worn with the JAWBREAKING Cook an Egg tee

Now that we know that the boyfriend shirt is essentially your bitch. Let’s break down the rules:

1) Always know where your waist is. If you’re going to cover yourself up in a massive piece of cloth, you must first ensure that the world can see you serving both looks and body. We don’t dress for ourselves. We dress for validation. Govern yourself accordingly.

2) Your ability to rock someone elses clothes better than they do is what makes this style sexy not the fact that there’s a 1 in 3 chance that you got some last night. 

3) PROPORTIONS ARE EVERYTHING! Diana Vreeland said that the eye must travel. Listen to her! Ensure that your outfit is both intriguing and well placed. Create a shape, adhere to your lines and find your balance.   

4) SIZE UP! not once, not twice, but THRICE times. This ensures that you’re able to wear the shirt as a skirt, a blouse, a tunic, a dress or even a hairpiece… I’m open.

If you didn’t know, now you know. These looks are a bops and this style is a banger. That is all


Tears of a Fuckboy Mug 


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