SAGE WISDOM: Leave Your Brows Alone

March 26, 2018


Don’t pluck them. Stop tweezing them. Wax never helped anyone do anything and quite frankly scissors are for savages.FOR THE LOVE OF YARA SHAHIDI…. LEAVE YOUR BROWS ALONE!


Look at them, they’re beautiful but if I’m being honest...they’re lacking light. I get a sense that they no longer retain a sense of wonder or hope for the future.  I blame the Internet. Beauty bloggers have ruined us. If you truly, TRULY, believed that your eyebrows were sisters you’d stop beating them and start loving them.Wash them. Brush their hair.
Moisturize them and then let them thrive.

The more you try to force your brows to grow into someone they’re not, the more they will resent you and then one day, once you’ve broken their spirit…they’re going to grow up and leave you. And then you’ll have to tattoo them on…. Is that what you want? Thought not.

 Now get up. Go to mirror, look your brows in their majestic whimsy and apologize. Then, head to the nearest Duane Reade and get you: a tooth brush, a bar of natural soap and a little Vaseline and embrace your true self.

Your brows will thank you… and so will I. 

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