March 26, 2018



Where the winds of Dixie softly blow

o'er the fields of Caroline,

There stands ever cherished, N.C. State,

as thy honored shrine.

So lift your voices! Loudly sing

from hill to oceanside!
Our hearts ever hold you, N.C. State,
in the folds of our love and pride.

Ah the sounds of the South. As a proud member of the NC State "wolfpack" may I just say that we too … likey-de-fashion.  For years we’ve been producing sartorial greatness and the BoF and Fashionista’s of the world continue to overlook us in their fashion school rankings while noticing places like Drexel and Kent State. Really? Kentucky. First and foremost, Kentucky has brought the world nothing but horseraces with white women in big hats and crappy fried chicken. The formidable North Carolina State University has been doling out Degrees in both fashion and textiles since before Lagerfeld was skinny (look it up).

Ranked the number one textiles school in the world – and not just because we’re the only one left – NCSU has a long history of notable alumni who are thriving in the city that never sleeps and other places that are less important because they aren’t New York.

In an effort to shine a light on what has truly been a disservice to some of this generations most gifted artist and curators, and also win brownie points so I can pretend that I have friends at homecoming…I present to you the Meute de Loups:


Me, Obviously


Charles Harbison – Designer


Image via Daily Front Row


Justin LaBlanc – Professor, Project Runway


 Images via Project Audacious courtesy of Justin LeBlanc


John Edwards – Politician, “Sinner but not a criminal”


H. Hugh Shelton, Politician
Before you say anything about a pattern of random politicians having irrelevant textile degrees, Mr. Shelton was not a presidential candidate. He served as chairman for the joint chiefs of staff. That’s different. So HA!


Jess Ekstrom – Headbands of Hope.
She actually didn’t graduate from the textile program but she TECHNICALLY works in fashion so I’m counting it.



Sharon Bui –Frill Founder, Shark Tank



Agee Taylor – Rebecca Taylor, Rise Swimwear

Image via

Gwendolyn Mejia – former PR Director for JAWBREAKING, Brand Strategist and Producer

 Image via


Negaar Misaghian – Marchesa



Tyler Jackson – Calvin Klein


Jon Millner – Pyer Moss


Audrey Rinkel – Hudson Jeans

Image vis


Christina Turner – Vince

 Image via


The rest of our esteemed alumni work for your American big box stores – Belks, Ralph Lauren, Kohls, Dillards, etc. and shout out to them. Go Pack. 

P.S. If you know someone doing something cool from NCSU that isn't on the list, call the alumni newsletter. Don't call me. I said what I said. 

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