We Need to Talk about MAX!

March 26, 2018

Max Schneider known musically as MAX! is experiencing something of a come-up. I mean sure he's been in the entertainment industry and famous most of his life but he seems to be thriving on a new level... right? Like, the hella romantic bop Lights Down Low recently went platinum. He's on like a million tours and twitter can't get enough of him.

While everyone wants to talk about his ability to hit high notes and do a toe touch ... we would like to talk about his clothes - because that's what matters. In the spirit of transparency, MAX is a friend of the JAWBREAKING brand - so let's get this out of the way first. When it comes to JAWBREAKING, yes he looks amazing in everything from a dad cap to a custom satin crepe pajama LEWK (y'all didn't know we did RTW? Watch this space). Deal with it.


Ok, JAWBREAKING aside (gasp, did we say that?) he and his stylist/designer wife - who is basically an angel sent down from heaven like Denzel Washington in The Preachers Wife - have been going very bold in his looks for a while and the media deciding to not obsess over it is quite frankly.. FAKE NEWS!

I mean look at him on James Corden. So shiny... so spanish!


 Then here with Meghan Trainor in a full on Zenon banger.

Casually posing  in a classic Moschino number...

 In a magazine...

On the street...

We could go on. MAX! is basically snatching edges and catching wigs designer, vintage and gender fluid alike. So yeah.... this needed to be said. MAX! is a style icon and a JAWBREAKER. 

We see you king. Continue to slay...


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