My Weekly Goal Diary

May 12, 2018


On Monday morning, I sat down and wrote in my bullet journal my goals for this week. What did I want to accomplish both internally and externally? And what is my action plan. I came up with five things I wanted to work on this week:

  1. Self Care - Take time out of my day just for me

  2. No work after 9pm - Schedule time during the day

  3. Spend time journaling and reading in the morning - Go to bed early so that you have time in the morning

  4. Listen to a podcast and learn something everyday - Find a refreshing podcast

  5. Take vitamins everyday this week - Set a reminder on the phone

The goals I set for this week were more focused on adding a routine of caring for myself. I am a workaholic and I enjoy packing my schedule with work.

Monday Night

Today I only achieved three out of five goals. After creating my five goals, I started with journaling and reading. I had breakfast in the nook and pulled out a journal and book. As I read, I jotted down some notes of encouragement and takeaways I had from the book. I also gave myself time to reflect on my previous day and write about what I wanted to accomplish today.

For self-care, I spent time drawing and using my bullet journal as a creative outlet. I gave myself 30 minutes before my next meeting to sit down and just enjoy the day and give myself a break because I had been nonstop all day. At 9pm, I was still in a meeting with my team and was unable to just completely stop working, but once I got home, I was able to put away my work and spend time with my roommates. I was only able to do this because I spent the morning being productive and realizing the goal I had for the day. I completely forgot about taking my vitamins because once I finished journaling, it was go-go-go. One of my goals was to listen to a podcast because I know they are supposed to be influential. I tried to listen to one by my favorite youtuber, but I found myself skipping most of it because it was mostly plug for his channel and merchandise.

Tuesday Night

I did everything today! I spent my morning journaling and reading a book about self-care. I was able to eat breakfast and listen to a podcast. It was about slowing down and learning to add margin to life. I learned that hurry increases my stress, dries up my love, and decreases my patience. I found it to be interesting and I found that it related to my need for self-care. I took my vitamins at night while unwinding and planning my schedule for the next day. I was also able to finish all my work during the day and leave the night for rest and self care. I treated myself to a facemask and listening to calming music.


Wednesday Night

Today was very busy, so I was unable to listen to a podcast. I took a pause in the morning from my schoolwork and journalled about my previous day and what I wanted to accomplish today. Later in my day, I had a thirty minute break between meetings and I was able to sit down and just draw. For me, drawing is a form of self care because it allows me to take a break from the stress of the day and just be creative. I loved having a break in my long day. I took my vitamins before bed and I did not have any work to do by 9pm.

Thursday Night

This morning, I was able to sit down and accomplish all my goals for the day. I spent my morning reading and journal as I sipped on my vitamins. Once I finished jotting down some thoughts and ideas for the day, I started listening to a TED Talk called “Doodlers, unite!” by Sunni Brown. I found that podcasts did not entertain and teach me as much as I thought it would. I felt that the TED Talk was more beneficial because I learned about how doodling is actually productive in learning. The talk was short and to the point, which I liked. For self-care, I spent my lunch hour watching Netflix and unwinding. It allowed me to put off the things of the day and just relax. I know Netflix does not always qualify as self-care for others, but for me, it was very beneficial. Since I have three day weekends every weekend, I did not have much work to do after 5. I was able to just hang out with friends and enjoy their company for the rest of the day.

Friday Night

I did not do everything today because it is the weekend for me and I do not like routine on the weekends. I was only able to accomplish self care and no work after 9. I actually went on a retreat with my staff and decided to leave everything at home. I did not journal or take my vitamins, simply because my retreat was spent getting to know my staff and spend quality time with them. I also did not listen to a podcast or TED Talk because my morning was very rushed to get prepared for the weekend.

Saturday Night

Since I spent the night at the retreat spot, I still did not have my journal. I did not journal, but I was able to focus on selfcare, simply by treating myself to a thrift shopping trip with my staff. Once I got home, I took my vitamins and just relaxed. Today was a really relaxing day, even though I was not able to accomplish half of my goals.

Sunday Night

I dedicated today to running errands and forgot about my goals until late today. I found myself looking at the goals as a check list, not a priority. I decided not do actively focus on those goals but pursue a healthier lifestyle that integrates the goals.

Monday Night

One week has passed since I first created these goals. I have found myself being more productive with my time and creating a schedule that allows me to work, but also rest. I mainly focused on the external things that I wanted to adjust. During this time, I was able to learn more about myself and what goals were tangible for me. To conclude, I think that settings goals for the week is healthy, but it should not become a hassle. If you plan on adding new goals and motivations in your life, remember that it takes time to truly make something a habit. Don’t give up on yourself if you miss a day, or week, just keep working at it. It’s about progress, not perfection.


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