The Southern Music Festival You've Never Heard Of

May 24, 2018


 Full Disclosure, that was clickbait. LEAF Festival draws in 12,000 people bi-annnually to Black Mountain, NC so surely somebody somewhere has heard of it. No matter the number it's not enough. WE. HAD. A. FUCK. ING. BLAST!  

Earlier this year, our creative agency (yes we have one) was brought on to to revamp and manage the merchandise and visibility efforts of LEAF Community Arts - a nonprofit organization based in Asheville, NC that aims to connect culture and create community through music and the arts. They are in 11 countries, they raise awareness, they preserve culture, they believe in equity, literally ALL THE THINGS. They're better than us... we know, we get it. As a part of those efforts, every May and October they throw a kick-ass music festival that is family friendly, a little weird and way too much fun. Macy Gray has performed in the past - which is enough validation for us - but this year we saw Snarky Puppy, Ani DiFranco and a bunch of amazing artist from across the globe! We drank all the beer, swam in a lake, ate Peruvian wings while enjoying a freeform Jazz parade, it was as if Patagonia and Anthropologie had a baby and then gave that baby to Solange to raise. Yeah, it was that good. 

The festival and the people also hold a special place in our hearts, well mainly in the heart of Mr.Jawbreaking. Not only is the organization in his hometown of Asheville, NC but the founders are family friends. Jefferson also spent his birthday weekend at the festival which made it all the more special for everyone. We're excited to be joining the LEAF family and bringing a bit of JAWBREAKING swag into the boho life. 

If you want to know more about the LEAF organization and all their amazing work, visit the site, here. Check out the pics below!





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