Rickey Thompson's Personal Style is Something to Discuss

June 7, 2018


In a sea of Insta-gays there usually isn’t much room for fashion per se. Speedos, abs, and the subtle hint of jock-strap are all the rage but it’s rare to see a influencer break out of the ASOS – soon to be Fashion Nova Mens – mold. Amongst them, Ricky Thompson shines as less of a fashion guru and more of a tastemaker. I don’t recall many people clicking on Rickey’s videos because he’s sharing his favorite Spring trends. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fashion #ad on his Instagram (I could be wrong). Mr. Thompson is somewhat of  a unicorn in the influencer menswear fashion space. He’s black, he’s southern, he’s ACTUALLY funny but also he has an aesthetic. A quick glimpse of his social media and his LEWKS show 90’s references, hip-hop influences, a stark neo-gothic color palette and his ability to give feminine trends a masculine edge. Full disclosure, Mr. Thompson, is a #JAWBREAKER from way back in the day but it doesn’t change the facts. His style is polished, irreverent and defined.

Similar to that of Jackie Aina, Rickey is one to take risk. Add that to his choice of mixing feminine accessories with hetero-normative shapes and pieces his outfits tend to always land without seeming boring. One can only hope that Mr. Thompson continues to emerge as a fashion maven among his fast-fashion catalogue peers  and that maybe one day he’ll be convinced to lend a helping hand to the masses.




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