Jackie Aina Just Transformed Too Faced's Foundation... You're Welcome

June 26, 2018

 Too Faced / Allure

The new Too Faced shades for their Born This Way foundation are out today and they are low-key (honestly, high-key) here for the brown girls. Granted this comes as no surprise seeing as this new release – which includes 11 new shades – comes in the form of a collaboration with beauty guru, Jackie Aina.

Jackie is no stranger to advocating for  more brown girl options within the beauty space so it makes perfect sense that her long-time friend, and founder of Too Faced Jerrod Blandino would bring her in to expand the shade range which (from what we’ve heard) took a bit of heat for it’s original lack of options. "I've been championing diversity since I first started my YouTube channel," Aina says "I appreciated that Too Faced acknowledged that they needed to better meet the needs of everyone, and asked me to come on board to help them get it right."

The additional nine shades that “Jackie O” created not only deepened the range by 3 shades but also filled in the gaps between the pre-existing colors, which is truly the conversation to be had around products for women of color. Typically a product with lack of options for chocolate girls (assuming there are any options at all) assumes that they all have the same undertones or match the same shades – light, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. But that’s just not true. And leave it to the internet powerhouse to the give the kids what they want and what they need. Jackie explains, "Just because a brand has a lot of dark shades, doesn't mean that people are wearing them.”


... She right tho’. When brands go on record and say that women of color don’t buy products the first question should be: Is it good for them? Does it work for them? Are you talking to them? Truth be told the smartest thing Too Faced did wasn’t diversifying their shades but entrusting a woman of color to create the shades and tell the tale. Every black girl this side of the Mason Dixon line knows the phrase “Don’t go to a barber who can’t use your comb” … fair and realistic or not when it comes to product for black women… we trust black women first. And for $39 DAW-LUHS we need all the pre-purchase confirmation we can get.

So here’s hoping that big business learns what we already know, if you want to a super-star product, let a black girl run the show.

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