Where We Think Our Favorite Influencers Will Be in 5 Years

June 28, 2018

A constant conversation amongst the agency side of JAWBREAKING has been the staying power and the future of our favorite influencers. With many of the "big dogs" on the 'net hitting their 10 year anniversary this year (including SHOPJAWBREAKING.COM) it's obvious that social media and the influence of those on it, is lasting, but the question is... where do we go from here? For JAWBREAKING we launched out platform, launched a creative agency and got bought by a black guy. But what about the cool kids?... we've got our thoughts. Suggestions even. If any of these things come true, you know we're taking credit.


Drea German
WHAT IS SHE NOW: Hostess and Comedian.
WHAT WILL SHE BE: Hostess. Comedian and STEM Advocate

Drea, Miss Drea, She got it she got it. First rising to fame on the now defunct Vine, Drea Germane rose to fame for her ability to be funny in a hurry. Little did the masses know that she was pursuing a degree in engineering. While we know her true passion is in the laughter of others, knowing her, we're positive she'll find a way to incorporate her STEM experience into her comedy routine. Drea is like a younger version of Amanda Seales. Smart, funny and black.


 Remi Ashten Cruz
WHAT IS SHE NOW: Lifestyle YouTuber

Remi has made a name for herself for being an all around great person. Sort of like Chrissy Teigan but without the baby. However, if the last 6 months have shown us anything, it's that not only is Cruz a bonafide health junkie but she's also a She-E-O in the making. One can only imagine the heights HoneyPop can reach with Remi behind the helm. The name being as innocuous as it is, we can definitely see Remi being the next Bethenny Frankel or Jessica Alba when it comes to business.  Jack of all trades... master of our hearts.


 Tiffany Ma
WHAT SHE IS NOW:YouTuber + CEO of Liv and Jess

WHAT SHE WILL BE: CEO of Live and Jess ( lifestyle brand)

Much like her "wife" Remi, Tiffany Ma has her own brand of products. The YouTube sensation launched Liv and Jess a little over a year ago and the success is not only a testament to Tiffany's fan base but to her ability to curate a brand of products that people want and need. Much like it's founder, Live and Jess is sweet, upbeat, and not too fussy. Who's to say that the same aesthetic and mindset can't be applied to school supplies, home decor and media. Liv and Jess the musical? SIGN US UP!

 Jackie Aina
WHAT SHE IS NOW: Beauty Guru

WHAT SHE WILL BE: CEO of Jackie Aina Cosmetics

Anyone who has EVER watched a Jackie O video knows that she is on her way to starting her own brand. In fact we just reviewed hew Too Faced collaboration the other day. One could also presume - based off of her Twitter rants (at times) - that once the brand is off the ground she might leave YouTube all together. Who needs the drama when you can have your own concealer? See you at the launch party fam!


Rickey Thompson

WHAT HE IS NOW: Comedian

WHAT HE WILL BE: Comedian + Actor

Rickey Thompson is funny as fuck. That's it. He's hilarious, he's handsome he simply must be both heard and seen. We see Thompson as a young and gay Chris Rock. Movies, stand-up.... the hole sha-bang.

 Matthew Crawford

WHAT HE IS NOW: Instagram Model

WHAT HE WILL BE: Pop Culture Correspondent

Matthew Crawford is just hot. Like... he seems like he may be nice and smart, and emotionally available but also... he's fine as fuck. It also seems that he doesn't have a certain "lane" that he sticks to when it comes to his work. Sometimes he's being funny, or he's working out, or telling stories or just being really hot and gay. So the best thing for him would be to probably become the next Giuliana Rancic. Be attractive and famous, talk about other famous people and get paid. See you on E! , stud.


Orion Carloto

WHAT SHE IS NOW: Influencer + Writer

WHAT SHE WILL BE: Writer + Artist

If we're being honest, we have a total soft spot for Orion. Not only is she a #JAWBREAKER from waaay back, but she's a Georgia peach. More importantly though, she's the author of Flux and an internet sensation. As she continues to come into her own as a fiery Latina and cultural savant one can only imagine that she'll continue writing and hopefully foray into other artistic endeavors. One glance at Orion's Tumblr will show you that she leans French is her aesthetic but her writing shows a propensity for the Southern Gothic era and a Sappho nature. We can't wait to see what her art looks like...

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