August Editor's Letter

August 1, 2018


As far as months go, August is the most random. There are no major holidays, no seasonal switch and honestly no point. It’s hot, it’s sticky and we are all sitting around waiting for fashion shows, football players, and cooler weather. Given the fact that Hampton’s timeshares are coming to an end and school is almost back in session, we should think of August as less of a fly-over month and more of a blank slate.


Seriously… think about it. There has a never been a better time to brush up on your astrology, buy new shoes and completely re-invent yourself. Why? Well, if not for efficiency than purely for vanity. Why would you bring the energy of summer lovers and watered down margaritas into a time that is full of tobacco scented candles – hand poured in Brooklyn- smoky bourbon, and cuffing season. This is not a time to rest on your laurels; this is a time to redefine them.

The pressures of a changing time can be overwhelming and without proper guidance one never knows where you might end up. My first day of high school I wore a yellow striped Abercrombie polo (with the collar starched and popped) paired with matching yellow faded boot cut jeans (also Abercrombie), Rainbow double arch flip-flops and my father’s Rolex. College wasn’t much better. There are multiple images of my freshman form gallivanting around the university in cut-off denim shorts, Converse’s and mesh. I don’t share these stories to be self-deprecating but to be cautionary. READ. THE SITE. DAILY.

Do you know why I spent the better half of my teen years looking like “Who did it and why”? Because I didn’t have a resource like I didn’t have a website dedicated to telling my stories, validating my issues and giving life advice and fashion tips. As a result, I made some really bad choices. And even though that’s all behind me now, the pain is still there. A pain you don’t ever have to experience. You will never experience the agony of deleting old Facebook images and burning polaroid’s from drunken frat parties all because you didn’t know which jean cut allowed for the balance that your leg length and hip width required. I wouldn't do that to you, we got you.

Over the next 31 days, we will be your guide, your entertainment, and your solace. On the site, you will find endless shopping guides, style tips as well as stories and advice on how to survive your first job, college, high school or most importantly, the August heat. So while August isn’t the most exciting month, it sure is one full of opportunity. And if we’re being honest, isn’t that most exciting thing of them all?


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