A Case for Red: Not That You Need One

August 3, 2018


Ah, the color red. A color of many extremes. Passion, rage, adventure and lust, red is a primal symbol of energy and power.  As it relates to fashion, red is almost as universal as black. In the Fall, it’s used for a Thanksgiving accent, in Winter it's a Christmas staple. Chinese New Years? It's literally everywhere. Valentines it’s the sole provider. It’s a pop of color for Spring, and the leading color for summer. In other words, red is that bitch. 


What makes red the perfect color, is it’s history. Red is always relevant because it has always been relevant. And depending on who you are and how you wear it, you can evoke an entire encyclopedia of memorable moments with just one look. On the couture runway – where all great trends begin – you can find our color of the moment acting as both an all encompassing force (monochromatic looks) and as a subtle siren (accent color).


As to why this color is making a come back... it depends on who you ask. If you ask Valentino or Supreme the color never left. If you were to ask Dior, Chanel and Nike, one might argue that it’s an evocation of catholic influence and political aesthetic.  Menswear has alays relied on red accents (ties and Ruby’s) as a way of establishing dominance and wealth. Womenswear on the other hand, uses the color to establish glamour and opulence (think Louboutin and a classic lip color)



So as your summer nights turn cool and your shorts turn in midi-lengths dresses, consider a bit rouge in your wardrobe. Put some pep in your step, some pride in your stride and paint the town….


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