Tragic by Alli Fitz is Anything But.

August 31, 2018


Isn’t it tragic that Alli Fitz wasn’t on Victorious? Not just because Nickelodeon could’ve used more diversity in the late 20-aughts but also because she’s pretty much perfect for teeny-bopper-style fame. Long hair with loose curls that can go straight at your request, thin frame, a flair for comedy and an affinity for big-band music. Alli Fitz is the Gen Z musical bop-star we never knew we needed and she is moving up and out with or without your permission. It’s no secret that Alli has been chasing the dream of music  for a while now. One glance at her socials will show the myriad of covers in her car and kitchen as well as her tweets seeking record deals and collabs. Musical career aside, Fitz is an internet celebrity with a fan base all her own and while many would be happy being able to pay their rent without having to work at McDonald's, Alli seems to be sticking to her guns and chasing her dreams. WE STAN AN INSPIRED KWEEN. And she’s not alone. Her social circle is a healthy mix of Internet fame, melanin, and aspiration. And while she’d never say so herself, Fitz is probably most poised to transform her Internet power into legitimate stardom. Consistency, likability, and beauty is a lethal combination when it comes to topping a chart – looking at you Cardi-B – and most importantly, the music she’s releasing has a clear direction. There’s always a storyline, a walking bass that manages to stay upbeat and the presence of real instruments. Imagine if you hired Kandi Burruss to re-write Beyoncés album, 4, for the new generation -  it’d probably sound something like Tragic.

We could dive into the intricacies of the music business and it’s range and speak on the risk and lack of depth in most young internet artist when they first emerge but why would we do that when AlliCatz is belting?  Alli is bringing her persona from the interwebs into her music and why not? Her fans love it and so do we. The world needs more pretty black girls with an upbeat personality and female-focused agenda, front and center. Can’t you just imagine her on stage walking around in denim shorts and combat boots, slapping hands with screaming girls and confused boys; jumping around making her ex-boyfriend feel nothing but regret? Don’t you get goose bumps thinking about all the minor chords being strummed in the inevitable and necessary acoustic version of Tragic? A vintage filter, a single stool and a hot tattooed guitarist with long hair in a bun? Too much? Never. 

The fact that Alli Fitz continues to be overlooked by the musical powers that be is nothing more than… exactly.  It’s obvious that they aren’t able to see her crossover appeal and take appreciation of the fact that she could be the next Demi Lovato. IF. YOU. LET. HER.  And if she has to pull a Chance the Rapper and be independent as fuck, just to prove that a black girl from the internet - armed with nothing more than Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara and a  dream - can penetrate the ears of America’s youth… then so be it. But don’t be mad when she’s at the bank, you’re bankrupt and her next song explores the concept of missed opportunities and regrets.  

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