We Need to Talk about Abby Huntsman

October 8, 2018


Thank God that The View got a second conservative voice at the table. Not because the audience necessarily wanted it or because Megan McCain can’t handle her own but because it was just… awkward. Having Megan be the sole voice for the modern conservative movement constantly put her on the defensive and almost forced her to defend the right no matter the cost. Truthfully, she was dangerously close at some points of becoming a little too “ foxy”. But that’s all over now because ding-dong here comes Abby Huntsman. Now that Megan McCain’s has returned, it only feels right that we dissect the first month and some change of Ms. Huntsman's tenure at the table.

Full disclosure, I had no idea who Abby was before she joined the show so my initial reaction went something like:

Oh she’s pretty.

Tan but not ethnic. 

Stylish but not overly so.

Deep voice. She must be from middle America.

She’s a red state girl.

And she's hoping to provide a “new perspective to bring the table together”?

Oh.. she’s about to annoy me isn’t she? Damn.

And I was right. While it's only been a short amount of time, I feel safe in saying that she won’t last. Not to be mean or overly harsh bur I just don’t see it. Bear in mind everything might change now that Megan is back at the table and Abby doesn’t feel like she’s constantly against the wall. Also, I’m not in TV so I could be completely wrong  and this could all be mute but I . don’t . see . it.

Abby seems to me to be one of those Republican’s who have been raised in politics and believes strongly in her party values. So while she can’t ALWAYS defend her party leader she desperately fills the need to stand up for her “traditional” values and defend those who agree with her. All that’s fine. However, she (unlike Megan) doesn’t seem to keen on facts. For instance, a fews weeks ago when she was discussing how President Trump denies that 3000 peopled died in Puerto Rico, she admitted that the issue isn’t about Trump but about Peurto Rico. Then, when Sunny wanted to place blame where it belongs – at the person responsible for Puerto Rico, Trump – she started defending him. In fact, when Sunny addressed the issue with passion and facts, Abby chose not to offer a different analysis of the facts - which is what a debate is –but instead to disregard everything Sunny mentioned and say how sad she was this the issue had become political. In fact, that’s her go-to thing. The entire time this Brett Kavanaugh situation has been happening Abby has chose to avoid the facts and to focus on her empathy for Kavanuagh's children and his wife. And while I’m sure she is very empathetic and hates the politics of today…. that’s not the topic being discussesd In actual debates, when you choose not to respond to a specific point, it’s called dropping and it’s means that you’ve lost the argument. But in an everyday conversation, it’s just called a pivot. And in the streets? We call it weak sauce.

It’s clear to me that Abby feels the only way she can defend her side is by ignoring negative truths and focusing on universal truths like kids and the harsh realities of public life. And while this may make her a good Republican and maybe he even a decent human, it makes for a bad co-anchor, at least on The View. The beauty of the show is that it reminds us of reality TV while still being informative. Sure their yelling and throwing shade, people may cry, guest lie, there are surprises and gimmicks but most importantly, there’s growth. Remember when Whoppi left the show? Then came back. Then decided to retire then decided not to? All depending on her circumstance and the facts at the time. Or the way she handle the Cosby allegations? She initial felt the need to defend his assumed innocence but then realized that she had a duty to believe women and throw her hat into the ring of public opinion. She apologized, became more informed and kept it moving.  Abby’s actions are showing us  that she isn’t there to offer a perspective on current topics but to sell a product to the people, the Republican party. And while nobody minds a TV host catching a coin or two, I don’t tune in every weekday at 11am to hear people sell make-up nor will I tune in to hear you sell your beliefs.

I predict this is will go one of a few ways. Either the execs will realize they made a mistake and they’ll pull Abby from the table like they did Jedediah or she’ll realize that this all GOP all the time strategy is transparent AF and she’ll treat Trump denouncement like Republicans do feminism. Just well enough to not be considered a Dick but damn it you’re close. Or something completely different will happen, I don’t know. I don’t work in TV, remember?

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