This Week's Best Beauty Videos

February 17, 2019

Now that Valentine’s Day is over we can get back to what’s important, the online beauty community. Drama and lavish lifestyles aside, beauty guru’s are digging deep into their proverbial bags trying to find a way to give the people what they want - more content, better content and informative “tea” to spare. From collaborations and launches, to hilarious tutorials and BTS, we did well this week as it relates to noteworthy Internet.

Naomi Campbell graced us with a collab, Jackie Aina gives us a review that shocks even her and NikkiTutorials is teaching the girls how to beat face and save a coin all at the same time. On the other end of the spectrum, Jasmine Brown offered an exercise in glowing-up while Karen Gonzalez gave us a 10-step tutorial on her perfect skin.

Shifting through hours of content is difficult but someone has to do it and this week was one worth working. The beauty industry continues to throw curve balls and without our favorite influencers to coach us along, we’re not sure how we’d ever win. So grab your notepads and your credit cards, it’s time to play.



WHO: Naomi Campbell

WHAT: Patrick Starr collab
WHY: Because she's Naomi Campbell and she's on YouTube.


WHO: Jackie Aina

WHAT: elf Concealer Review
WHY: The affordable make-up brand released a new shade range for their concealer


WHO: NikkieTutorials

WHAT: Full face tutorial using only affordable make-up
WHY: Because not all of us are rich



WHO: Jasmine Brown

WHAT: Easy glowing skin tutorial
WHY: It was necessary


WHO: iluvsarahii

WHAT: Skincare routine 
WHY: She's better than us


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