3 Female Designers at LFW to Focus On

February 18, 2019


London Fashion Week is officially here and in full swing . In fact, it’s almost over (read: it ends Feb 19) but we were too busy announcing our podcast to review earlier. Leave us alone! If you don’t know, #LFW is the second stop on the fashion month tour-de-shows and arguably the dopest. For whatever reason, London attracts some of the coolest and most bad ass designers of this generation. I’m not sure if it’s the legacy of McQueen and Westwood in the air or if the shitty weather means they spend more time inside harnessing their craft instead of chasing fuckboys. Either way, we staaaaan.

The women who showcased during the first few days of the sartorial event across the pond, created moments that have us shocked, in awe, on the floor and reaching for our credit cards. From the political agendas being pushed to the bold calls for confidence and showmanship, the dreary city has definitely emerged this week as a ray of sunshine, and here are 3 women you should soak up.



 Mary Kantrantzou
Bold, electric and always a conversation piece, Ms. Kantrantzou is known for her use of color and motifs. For Fall 2019, she offered up all four forces of nature and her artistry. And while her inspiration is inspired and her collection… collectable, It’s really what is unsaid that is screaming LISTEN TO ME! Bold ruffles and ostrich pairings, high-necks and long lines… these are the makings of a strong feminist wardrobe. One that does not sacrifice her fashion for her figure. One that does not need to debut her legs, her curves or her long neck to be validated. She validates herself. Her existence is self-explanatory. She is a masterpiece that requires a frame worthy of it’s benefactor.  Mary’s motifs are handcrafted and decadent. Her shapes? Realistic and uncompromising. She’s a true woman's woman in the same vain as Phoebe at CELINE. One hopes her commercial appeal, won’t be her downfall.


Miss Chung has the girls going “off the grid, but not for long”.  Presenting a collection that Vogue magazine called “1980s sleek futurism”, Chung wants to dress a community of “apocalyptic… Californian women gathered in an underground bunker after some kind of nuclear attack.They’re growing their own food” she says “and figuring out how to be self-sufficient”.  And as dramatic and frou-frou as this fashion conversation is there is some

utility in this concept. The use of prairie shapes and trimmings pays a nice homage to western heritage, while mixing denim, velvet silk and leather shows the multitude of dichotomies the modern woman faces. Casual yet employed, so…rich. Tough yet delicate…by choice. The brig

ht yellows and floral motifs are optimistic but overall the collection is a choice. This is not trendy collection but a forward one. One only a brave woman would wear, perhaps the same woman who could survive an apocalypse? “There’s hope” she says.



Simone Rocha

Calling all British babes, Simone Rocha is your type of bitch. I mean woman. Fuck that. I. MEAN. BITCH. The bright colors. The bold patterns. The elongated party shapes that are sexy Victorian and modest baby doll… ugh. Her mind. Ms. Rocha literally layered a black crop top over a orange picnic table long-sleeve dress with balloon sleeves and an empire waist styled with black tights. The juxtaposition (I know, I’m sorry) of heavy and light fabrics along with the bright and dark colors… very British. Mainly because you never know the weather but also because people are weird. Rocha quotes Louise Bourgeouis in her press release, sighting her lack of desire to explain herself and more importantly her lack of necessity. She’s her own woman, you’re your own woman and that means… you’re complicated. A hodge-podge of standards  and basics that blossom into something quirky, complex and at time unattractive. But who cares. That’s just you and you know what… that’s enough. WE SEE YOU SIMONE.


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